1. by Tim on April 7, 2011


    Add some “dumb” conversion in case the conv module is not loaded.

    Currently, if the conv module is not loaded, no fonts will get rendered, hence no text drawn – this will have to be corrected so that SIEGE itself provides a simple, “dumb” conversion – at least dropping (or adding) higher bits for a start; later, this can be “upgraded” to a more proper conversion.

  2. Tim
    about 9 years ago

    Done for the cases of char, wchar_t, UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 to UTF-32 conversion.

    The conversion does a direct “expansion” – it just fills the unneeded space with zeroes.

    It is not meant to be correct, but merely display *something*.


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  3. Update “Add some “dumb” conversion in case the conv module is not loaded.”

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